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How does HARO help with SEO?

Backlinks always have and always will be one of the most important Google ranking factors

In fact, in the midst of AI writing tools becoming so popular, the best way for Google to differentiate authoritativeness is using backlinks.

It’s why parasite SEO is such a powerful method. You’re abusing the backlink profile of websites with huge backlink profiles to rank for massively competitive keywords.

In fact, it’s being abused so much by SEO’s, that Google is giving manual penalties to websites that allow it.

So, what does that tell you? Links are massively influential in the current ranking algorithms.

HARO helps SEO by building some of the most authoritative backlinks you can get.

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What makes HARO Links so Powerful?

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  • Hard to get: Because HARO links are from real websites that you can’t pay to get on, it means that links from this website are hard to get. If they’re hard to get, it means your competitors can’t get them. If you have these powerful links and your competitors don’t - you have an unfair advantage over them.
  • High DR: DR isn't everything, but generally, the higher the DR, the better.
  • High Referring Domains: Also known as Tier 2 links, HARO links often gain high quality links from other websites. This powers up the page passes more power.
  • High Traffic: Not every HARO link has high traffic, but they get a lot more traffic than other low-qualtiy methods like guest posting. High traffic indicates to Google that this is a high quality link and therefore passes more power.
  • Do-Follow: It should possess the “dofollow” attribute. Not every link you secure through HARO will have this attribute, but our service ensures you only incur costs for those that do.

HARO Vs Guest Posts

There’s a lot of money to be made by selling guest posts - and we could definitely cash in by selling them - but we choose not to sell them.

Why? Because guest posting is becoming less and less effective for SEO:

  • ⚰️ Each core update is killing a lot of these low quality sites that sell links and are pumped full of AI with no ambition to rank - only to sell a guest post link. The site might look okay today, but in 6 months or a year that link is likely going to be devalued as the website loses traffic.
  • 💀 They've been spammed to death - If you're Google and a site has 500 referring domains, but links out to 7,000 low quality spammy sites, you're going going to devalue that link.
  • 🤢 A lot of these websites are DR boosted. You can go onto Fiverr and buy DR boosting packages for cheap. A lot of these sites do it to fool those buying guest posts into thinking their 40+ DR site holds an ounce of quality - it doesn't.
  • 🤥 Fake Traffic: A lot of the organic traffic stats are boosted by ranking for high volume keywords that nobody else is ranking for.

How do you build links with HARO?

It’s quite simple really - write really good pitches for your business that solidify you as an expert in your niche.

Not many ‘experts’ are taking the time to craft a well researched and written response. If you can do this, publishers will reach out to you directly for future questions, instead of wasting time reading through low-quality spammy answers written by AI.

Our expert SEO copywriting team will put you in a position where we get access to posts that aren’t even publicly available 😉.

HARO alternatives that we use to speed up link-building

Okay, if HARO is so good... What's the catch?

If there is one fault of HARO, it’s that the speed that you can build links is slower than other methods - although, the power of these links definitely outweighs this.

However, we have subscriptions for a variety of websites similar to HARO that allow us to write the maximum amount of pitches per month, ultimately speeding up the link building process.

Some of these alternatives are below:

  • Qwoted - $1,188.00 per year
  • Featured (Terkel) - $2,388.00 per year
  • Helpab2bwriter - Free
  • ResponseSource - $600.00 per year per category

By monitoring all of these websites, we get you in the maximum amount of articles & publications.

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Example of a HARO Pitch

We write responses to HARO requests representing our clients. It is pivotal that each pitch is precisely adapted to the journalist's specifications and is prepared in a way that it can be easily copied and pasted. Do not count on journalists dedicating time to revise your pitch; it must be distinctive and pertinent from the get-go.

For example, if a journalist is querying about the best movie directed by Steven Spielberg, veering off and discussing "Jurassic Park" will probably not get you published.

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Our focus areas for pitches include marketing, business, and HR and other niche topics.

Each pitch is meticulously developed by a team comprising a marketer and a copywriter.

  • The marketer selects suitable queries for pitching.

  • For every selected query, the marketer formulates key points and delegates the drafting task to the copywriter.

  • The copywriter then refines the pitch ensuring it’s compelling and devoid of grammatical errors.

  • The marketer revisits the pitch to verify the accuracy of its business components.

  • Subsequently, the marketer dispatches the finalized pitch to the journalist.

  • Owing to this thorough approach, our HARO pitches are insightful and boast a 12% publication rate.

Our On-Boarding Process

  1. Submission Guidelines: It's essential to understand that many platforms are selective and often decline submissions from agencies. To facilitate a smooth process, we require specific details from your end:
    • Designated Representative: We need a genuine representative from your organization, such as the CEO or CMO. Please provide a professional headshot in the style of LinkedIn, the individual's name, a brief biography not exceeding 50 words, and the URL to their personal LinkedIn profile.
    • Official Email Address: An email linked to your domain that corresponds with the representative's name is necessary (e.g., john.doe@domain.com).
    • Hashtags: The hashtags allow us to monitor links specific to your expertise. For example, if you were in the mental heath training niche, we would use hashtags such as #mentalhealth #training #education #business #school #teacher.
  2. Advance Payment: Completion of payment for the chosen service package is required prior to the commencement of our services.

understanding HARO

Challenges and Solutions in HARO Link Building


One of the primary challenges in HARO link building is the oversaturation of the platform, which makes it harder to get results.

As more people are using HARO for SEO to obtain high-quality backlinks, competition has increased, making it difficult to stand out. To overcome this challenge, we can focus on crafting unique, well-researched, and engaging pitches.

Additionally, consistently responding to relevant queries and customising our pitches for each journalist can significantly increase our chances of getting a link from their article.


Another difficulty faced in HARO link-building is finding relevant article opportunities.

With a plethora of queries received daily, it can be challenging to sift through them and identify the ones that suit our expertise.

To tackle this issue, we can use the email filtering and labelling features in our email clients to organise the queries based on their relevance to our niche.

This helps us quickly identify and respond to the most suitable opportunities, saving time and improving our chances of success.


Time management is another significant challenge when using HARO for link building.

As queries often have tight deadlines, it’s crucial to allocate time efficiently to respond to them.

We can manage our time better by creating a schedule for checking and responding to queries, ensuring we set aside dedicated time each day or week.

This also helps us keep track of deadlines and avoid missing out on valuable opportunities due to time constraints.


Lastly, building long-lasting relationships with journalists can be tricky in the HARO ecosystem.

As many users are solely focused on obtaining backlinks, they forget about the importance of cultivating meaningful connections with journalists, which can result in missed future opportunities.

To overcome this challenge, we can maintain regular communication with the journalists we have successfully worked with, providing them with helpful insights and engaging content even after our initial exchanges.

This helps us build trust, demonstrate our expertise in our niche, and make ourselves valuable sources for future collaborations.

Link Building Packages

Starter Package
5 Links

$2000 per campaign
($400 per link)

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High Domain Rating Backlinks - DR 40-90 Links

Land links that are near impossible to get via other link building methods

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Advanced Package
10 Links

$3900 per campaign
($390 per link)

You Will Get Premium HARO Do-Follow Links: 40+ DR Authority Websites

High Domain Rating Backlinks - DR 40-90 Links

Land links that are near impossible to get via other link building methods

High Article Acceptance Rate

Only Pay For Do-Follow Links

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Scaler Package
15 Links

$5700 per campaign
($380 per link)

You Will Get Premium HARO Do-Follow Links: 40+ DR Authority Websites

High Domain Rating Backlinks - DR 40-90 Links

Land links that are near impossible to get via other link building methods

High Article Acceptance Rate

Only Pay For Do-Follow Links

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